Students, parents, and elementary school science teachers have long appreciated science expert Bill Nye’s didactic and entertaining videos, which amuse children while also driving home important lessons.

Though we’re sure that there are more valuable geology, chemistry, and physics lessons to come, Nye recently focused on eye health in a series of videos created for VSP Vision Care.

The web episodes, which are called VSP EyeFiles, will debunk some common eye health myths to better educate kids and parents.

The videos have been available on the company’s website since May, and the eye care organization hopes that the entertaining snippets will continue to inspire Americans to address important eye health issues as they arise.

So, what do they cover? Viewers will learn whether carrots are really beneficial for your vision, if wearing eye glasses may actually weaken your eyes, and if sitting too close to the TV can make your sight blurry.

Of course, watching a few informative videos isn’t a substitute for an eye exam. According to the American Optometric Association, if a child holds books close, reports seeing double, experiences frequent headaches, or covers one eye when reading, he or she should visit an eye care specialist.