Are your eyes feeling watery and itchy? The summer air is filled with pollen and no one wants to let that ruin getting the perfect tan or cooking a fabulous barbeque for family and friends. But, with eyes tearing up the second you step outside, it can be pretty disconcerting. Of course, we recommend seeing a specialist to get nasal spray, decongestants, eye drops and more to relieve you of your symptoms. However, a little fashion can be “easy on the eyes” too!

For allergic eyes that also need a prescription, hiding the redness can be done with a little bit of old school aviator style. The bendable titanium frame with tinted Rx lenses, UV & Scratch coatings, and polished edges is the perfect solution to protect your eyes from pollen shooting straight at you, while impressing your non-allergic friends with your keen fashion-sense at the same time. While you’re medicating your eyes, aviators will keep you covered, acting as a chic defense. Aviators bring an attitude that other sunglasses don’t. They scream Arnold Schwarzenegger tough swagger (pre-governor, of course). And they look great on both men and women. So show pollen who is boss, and that you will make sure those little fluffy particles “won’t be back.”

Now, for those feminine eyes prone to allergies, giving Audrey Hepburn her due will take the edge off of the pollen. With her signature big, flashy sunglasses, even the air will stop to honor the fashion icon’s style and give your eyes a break. Being classic is always a fabulous defense against certain style-blind forces of nature. Try the new Rikki sunglasses that come in black and burgandy colors with inset rhinestones to protect your eyes with extra bling, and make you feel like a diva. These, and other big, funky sunglasses will reclaim the integrity of eye fashion that itchy eyes take away every summer. Bring Audrey back – she will definitely give the air a talking to.

If your eyes are truly suffering from summer allergies, you should see a doctor who can prescribe the appropriate meds to take the edge off. But in the meantime, we suggest you channel your inner fashionista, and face the summer pollen with fierce, funky and fun frames, that will always make you feel like a clear-eyed winner.