Though the world has suspected for years now that the stars of The Twilight Saga, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, are a couple, pictures of the two locking lips recently surfaced. So, much to the delight of teen girls everywhere, it seems that the pair is a real item!

So, why are they feeling so blue? recently commented on the darling duo’s morose appearance as they made their way back from a weekend spent together in Montreal.

In addition to sporting similarly long faces and grumpy attitudes, the pair also have a predilection for matching sunglasses. Both wore hip dark shades as they made their way through Los Angeles Airport on Tuesday, the news source reports.

Though the pair may have been donning their sunglasses in an attempt to evade photographers or hide their travel-weary peepers, experts recommend wearing sunglasses whenever you head outdoors during the day to preserve your eye health.