Thanks to YouTube, unknowns have become instant celebrities, voices in need have been heard, short films have been seen and media messages have been released. When you combine creative people, a fun, useful product and the popularity and reach of YouTube, there are endless possibilities. These three elements have joined together to produce some amazingly funny, smart, cute, and informational videos about, showing that glasses too, can be the star of the show.

One YouTube video we think is particularly funny is called “My New Haircut.” It has received 26,892,662 views and counting since its inception into the virtual world. The video features a young man with a New Jersey accent obsessing over his new haircut and how it will make all the women want him. He is a clone of MTV’S Jersey Shore cast, as he drinks, talks loud, pops his collar and fixates on his tan body and buff arms. His inappropriate language and attention-grabbing lingo has landed him a top spot in the YouTube hall of fame. This video has become a true viral sensation, spawning heaps of imitations. One is about us. The video is a spoof called “My New Glasses.” It features another young man talking about his new glasses and how it will help him get all the ladies. He talks about how his glasses are his “accessories and lady killers.” He goes on in a dramatic montage of bad pick-up lines, and prepping for the evening when his new glasses will bring on the ladies. The excitement about his new 39DollarGlasses is apparent, and will have you laughing all the way through.

On the opposite spectrum, a video has been posted featuring two little girls who are playing with our sample glasses that you can print from the site for measurement purposes. In this case, they’re a new toy!

Another popular video that will have laughing is “Eyeglasses for ANY occasion.” It highlights a woman who has a drawer filled with different 39DollarGlasses she can grab for any situation. When a good-looking man approaches her at her office, she quickly changes her glasses to flirt. Next, when the phone rings, she ruffles through all the glasses to find the right ones for a professional phone conversation. The point is, of course, we have a variety of glasses that really do fit any location, position, condition and more, and at prices as low as $39 a pair, you really can have a pair for any occasion!

To see more moving media, there is another video that shows various glasses we carry in a creative presentation with music and design so you can interact more with the product. Lastly, a customer of ours put up a short video called “,” describing how he is “a happy little camper” with our glasses and swears that you can’t beat the price.

We love YouTube because it allows our customers and fans to interact with our products using their imaginations, glasses tips, and unique visions that turn into entertaining videos for the online community.