Employees of the Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation should keep an eye on their glasses! A primate with a predilection for eyeglasses has been sneaking into the offices of Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation (HPPC), and absconding with the spectacles of the employees, according to the HindustanTimes.com.

Jagdish Chaudhary, who works for the company, told the news provider that the monkey has even been known to pluck eyeglasses right off the faces of the workers, and then run off into the forest near the offices.

It seems that the furry thief has no interest in other office supplies or human affects — his main objective seems to be obtaining eyeglasses. He apparently doesn’t know that 39DollarGlasses could customize his look for cheap without all that hassle!

Perhaps the employees of HPPC should invest in a second pair of eyeglasses? Many individuals who require corrective lenses like to keep a spare pair handy in case the glasses they sport on a daily basis become damaged or lost…or, as in this case, stolen by a monkey. 39DollarGlasses prices are low enough to have even a third or fourth pair! But we still recommend keeping them away from your primate friends.