Halloween may be behind us, but here’s one more scary story to keep the chills coming!

Though extremely controversial and dangerous, the practice of tattooing one’s eyeball may be growing in popularity. Most people wouldn’t let a long needle near their eye for anything, but one Oregon man who is already covered in ink from head to toe recently performed the procedure on himself, reports the Digital Journal.

Matt Gone has already covered 98 percent of his skin in tattoos. Recently, he realized that there was one part of his body that hadn’t been inked – his eyes. However, doctors warn that this Gone took a serious risk when he tattooed his eyeball.

“The risk of putting a needle near your eye is grave,” ophthalmologist Dr Douglas Meier told the news source. “Someone at home does not have access to the equipment nor the expertise.”

Gone said he was aware of the risks involved, which include infection, blindness or even losing his eyes, but decided to go along with the procedure anyway.

According to the news source, some inmates in Colorado have been tattooing each other’s eyes as well. Let’s hope the trend doesn’t make it into the mainstream.

Instead of a tattoo, why not add flair to your eyes by wearing a stylish pair of glasses? According to AllAboutVision.com, many people own more than one pair of glasses to match their daily wardrobe. You can even add a fun tint to your lenses! Doesn’t that sound better than an eye tattoo?