Lewis “Mad Dog” Moody, captain of Bath, England’s international rugby union team, is eager to return to the game, despite the fact that his vision may be permanently damaged from the eye injury he suffered on October 1, reports The Press Association.

The injury occurred when Moody collided with Gloucester full-back Charlie Sharples. He hopes to return to the field  before he and his fellow rugby players take on the the team from New Zealand.

“The eye will probably never be perfect anymore,” Moody told the news source. “I bruised the retina and part of the macula and that has left a slight scar just across the back which means part of your vision is distorted. It could get better and hopefully over time it will do. Your brain learns to ignore it apparently. It might take my brain slightly longer than most!”

He went on to state that he was without sight in one eye for a full day after the the accident. He spent two weeks recovering and learning how to cope with the injury.

Moody’s story is a testament to the importance of wearing protective eyewear when playing sports. According to the American Optometric Association, wearing protective eyewear during an athletic event can not only protect one’s eyes, but also improve an athlete’s vision.