Vision care experts are warning parents that a new toy, Silly Shooterz, may damage the eyes.

Silly Shooterz is a game where kids can take the popular silicone shaped bracelets known as Silly Bandz and shoot them at targets to receive points in an effort to beat their opponent.

“Kids collect, trade and wear them but now they can shoot them,” explains Dan Weinstein of Nextrend Imports, the company that launched the game. “We want to make sure kids don’t get bored with their current stock of bandz.”

While the game’s creators think it’s just harmless fun, experts say there’s more to the game than meets the eye.

“They are definitely dangerous,” Dr. Douglas Lazzaro, chairman of ophthalmology at Long Island College Hospital, told the New York Daily News. “They shoot with a little velocity and if they hit the eye, they can definitely do some damage.”

Getting hit in the eye with a band could cause a variety of eye problems, including corneal abrasions, a retinal tear or detachment or a hyphema, blood in the front of the eye that can lead to loss of vision.

Experts tell parents that safety eyeglasses should be used by anyone who plays with toys and games in which objects are shot.

“If they wear glasses and the eyes don’t get hit they are probably safe,” Lazzaro said.

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