Going on vacation? Don’t lose your glasses! Let’s face it, the reason you go on vacation is to get away from it all. You want to leave behind the daily drudgery of work, chores and responsibility. But in that carefree state of mind there are so many ways to lose your prescription glasses, so before you pack your bags read our:
Tips to Avoid Losing Your Glasses and What to Do if it Happens
The most common way to lose your glasses is by having them fall out of your pocket. People often make this mistake when they remove their eyeglasses to go on an amusement park ride, boat trip or something of a similar nature. Remember: glasses are usually more secure on your face than they would be hanging out of your shirt pocket.
• For added insurance consider investing in a pair of eyewear retainers to help keep your glasses securely in place. Croakies® makes a large line of assorted products for men, women and children that serve this purpose.
• Carry a spare pair with you and if you’re taking a plane ride, pack them in your carry-on luggage. These can be a cheaper, less stylish pair that you keep on hand just for emergencies – glasses to use until you either find or replace the lost pair.
• If you use your glasses just for reading you could buy a temporary pair of drug store reading glasses but this should only be a SHORT, temporary fix.
• Knowing your prescription or having a written copy of it can be a real time-saver!
• If you have neither, just go to an eye doctor and have an eye exam. It usually takes between 30 minutes to an hour depending upon how many people have arrived before you.
• Take your prescription to an eyewear store or simply go online and purchase a new pair of glasses from a high quality company such as 39DollarGlasses.com and see what you’ve been missing! But the best advice of all is: DON’T LOSE YOUR GLASSES!