Although there is an entire spectrum of spectacles made available today, sometimes it’s difficult to discover exactly what styles look best on you. Instead of idly choosing a pair of glasses, why not break away from unflattering styles and uncover exactly which specs look spectacular on you!

Beyond helping you to see, eyeglasses also frame your entire face, thus lending a huge hand in your overall look. The best way to discover which style will look the most complimentary is to understand your individual face shape. Out of these six face shapes, which one best describes you?





  • Iconic Faces: Halle Berry, Jude Law
  • The length of your face is one and a half times the width of your face, thus creating an enviable oval shape.

Lucky you! If you’re fortunate enough to have a highly coveted oval face shape, framing your eyes should be easy. People with oval faces can indulge in practically any style. So whether you’re partial to bold cat eye looks or wide and wild oversized frames, you’re likely in the clear!


  • Iconic Faces: Demi Moore, Ryan Seacrest
  • People with square face shapes have hairlines that are approximately the same width as their jawlines.

If you’re looking for eyewear to flatter your square face, go for a style that is slightly rounded. By sporting frames with curved edges, you will be balancing out your angular features in a stylish, fashionable way.

Ernest Hemingway 4614

  • Iconic faces: Reese Witherspoon, Masi Oka
  • Those with heart face shapes have faces that are their widest at the forehead and taper down into a narrower, sometimes sharp looking chin.

To enhance your look, heart face shapes should go for frames that will complement their features and balance out their facial proportions. Frames with oval or rectangle lenses and thicker bottom halves do an excellent job enhancing heart face shapes because they help to balance out the narrower lower half of the face.


  • Iconic faces: Sarah Jessica Parker, Adam Levine
  • Though similar to oval face shapes, the long face shape gets its namesake from having more length but less width than a traditionally oval face.

Balancing out the features of a person with a long face shape often requires shortening the length of the face, thus giving it a more oval appearance. A pair of thicker rectangle frames does an excellent job of drawing attention away from the length of the face. Try to find a style that has more depth than width; an important feature to shorten the look of longer faces.


  • Iconic faces: Ashley Greene, Pete Wentz
  • A diamond face shape is widest at the cheekbones and is narrow across the hairline and jawline, thus creating an overall diamond-like shape.

Just like a diamond, this face shape is unique and rare. To best show off a diamond shaped face, go for a pair of glasses that accentuates your already impressive cheek bones with a bolder style. Draw attention to your eyes and the top portion of your face with top-heavy frames. Diamond face shapes have their choice of frames with thicker top halves or semi-rimless styles to accentuate their most striking features.


  • Iconic faces: Mindy Kaling, Elijah Wood.
  • Round face shapes are a shorter version of oval faces. They are nearly as wide as they are long and typically those with round face shapes have rounded jawlines.

Simply, the most flattering look for round face shapes is a style that can minimize the roundness of the face. To do so, avoid round or oval frames and instead opt for a more angular design. The straight lines on these frames help to soften the look of round faces.


I’d like to demonstrate just how big of a role your individual face shape plays. My face is more or less oval shaped, albeit slightly on the longer side. I feel it’s safe to wager that I’m in-between an oval face shape and a long face shape. This means I’d like to avoid lengthening my face any more than it already is.

On the left you’ll see that these semi-rimless frames do nothing for my slightly oblong face. If anything, the rimless bottom half of these frames help to extend my face. The frames I’m sporting in this photo would look best on a person with a diamond face shape, as to draw attention to the features on the top half of their face.

On the right I’m proudly posing in a pair of frames that are more suitable to me. With a slightly thick plastic frame and a bolder, more angular design, I do a good job of enhancing my features and balancing out my proportions.

While I do recommend flattering your look with a pair of frames that best suits you, don’t ever feel the need to conform to styles you do not like. If you have a round face shape and want to rock round lenses then go for it! The best part about wearing glasses is the opportunity for self-expression and above all else you should feel confident in the eyewear that you’re rocking.