After starting with our company, our Art Director Lainie was delighted to receive a pair of eyeglasses. She poured through our extensive collection of discount prescription glasses, winding down her favorite designs and colors until she finally found the frames that we’re just right for her. She waltzed out of our headquarters last Thursday, let the sunshine gleam down on her, and the next day she explained to me the special feeling she got from something as simple as a new pair of frames.

Lainie, who looked fantastic in her new Dunham frames, explained that there was more to eyewear than being able to see. While correcting your vision is a remarkable part of wearing eyeglasses, Lainie told me that it’s only a portion of what makes eyewear special.

Our Art Director happily expressed the wonderful feelings her new frames gave her. “It’s truly like seeing the world through rose colored glasses,” she joked. The fresh new style of her glasses boosted Lainie’s look, her confidence, and her mood, all at once that Thursday afternoon.

“It’s the same feeling I get after getting a new cut and color or when I get dressed up for a night out,” she explains. “And who wouldn’t want to feel that way day after day?” According to Lainie, prescription eyeglasses aren’t, and shouldn’t be considered as, merely a medical device. Eyeglasses, as well as prescription sunglasses have the power to transform your entire look, heightening your self-esteem to a whole new level.

Lainie strutted out of our building that day with a whole new outlook on the world, all thanks to her new prescription glasses. The sunshine glistened down on her as she drove, an upbeat tune blasted on the radio, and suddenly Lainie realized that her good vibes came down to one thing; her brand eyeglasses.

“All of sudden I realized that I couldn’t be the only person who felt this way after getting new glasses,” Lainie said. “When I find that perfect pair that makes me feel and look good, I’m suddenly more confident, I feel more attractive, and everything seems more pleasant. Like I said, it’s like seeing the world through rose colored glasses.”

This leaves me wondering, who else has experienced this joy from a new pair of frames? It’s remarkable to hear that something as simple as a pair of new eyeglasses can really brighten up a person’s entire outlook. There is no doubt that we all deserve to feel comfortable in our eyewear, but to feel confident? Well, that’s simply extraordinary.

Have you ever had the pleasure of feeling this joy after sporting a brand new pair of glasses? Please share your stories with us! We want everyone to feel as happy in their eyewear as our pal Lainie does.