Nowadays many glasses wearers shun the basic look of black, brown, or gunmetal frames. Although they are versatile, sometimes neutral tones don’t have the spunk many people are looking for. While it’s easy to hop on board the colorful trend, some people aren’t sure where to start when it comes to choosing bright frames. Below are the top 5 tips for picking out the look that’s perfect for you.

1.    Favorite Hues

Choosing a pair of bright eyeglasses can be as simple as choosing your favorite color. The confidence it takes to wear bright frames comes easily when you’re wearing a color you feel comfortable and happy in. If you’re a big fan of crimson then why not incorporate the color into your look?

After all, personal style is all about self-expression. Why not choose a hue catered specifically to you?

2.    Best Looks

If you’re less worried about confidence and more concerned with looking good, it’s time to break out the photos. Find some of your favorite pictures of yourself and search for the colors that look best on you. Eventually you’ll see a pattern in your photographs, and you’ll be able to pinpoint a color that truly makes you shine. If you always look striking in green, then boost your everyday look with a pair of frames in the same color.

3.    Neutral Brights

Are you still a little nervous about taking on the trend? If bold looks make you uncomfortable then try adding color to your wardrobe in a subtler way. There are plenty of neutral, classic tones that are perfectly casual with just enough pizazz to add a wow-factor to your look. To achieve this, try frames in rich navy, deep gold, or striking burgundy.

4.    Dazzling Sunnies

Not convinced on color yet? If incorporating bright hues into your everyday look feels too over the top then its time to have fun with your sunglasses. When it comes to bold styles, sunglasses are much more forgiving. Having a little fun while out in the sun is a simple, chic way to take on the colorful trend. For an extra head-turning look, lenses can be tinted in a range of stunning colors, from rose to orange.

5.     Go Big or Go Home

Sometimes all you can do is take a risk and see what happens. When it comes to style, risk-taking is seldom regretted. Follow these tips to choose the best shade for you and sport your new colorful glasses with confidence. We guarantee that the amount of compliments you get will surprise you.