How to Make Adjustments to Your Glasses

Do your eyeglasses ever feel a little too tight or uncomfortable on your face? Here are some quick and easy tips to adjust your frames.

Frame adjustments for glasses with nosepads:

  • If your eyeglasses sit too high on your nose, carefully push the nosepads further apart with your thumbs.
  • If your eyeglasses sit too low on your nose, carefully push the nosepads closer together by pinching them with your thumb and index finger.

Frame adjustments for any plastic frame parts:

  • To make any slight adjustments to the frame, run any plastic parts under hot water or heat with a hair dryer for 2-3 minutes and then carefully bend.
  • If the frame slides down your face too much you can bend the earpiece closer to a 90-degree angle to tighten the fit.
  • Never try to bend or make adjustments to any plastic frame parts without first heating up the frame.


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