Eyewear has become a true trend for the back to school season. Bright, bold frames are an effortless, affordable way to show off your style. Whether you’re studying in the classroom or strolling down the halls, make a statement with a pair of stylish new frames. Now that it’s August, it’s time to discover your options for the perfect back to school look.

This old standby never fails to exude a cool, confident look. For a charming appeal, bold black frames in a traditionally chic wayfarer style are a great way to get noticed. Not only will these frames draw attention to your face, but you’ll also have glasses that will match any outfit –from the first day of classes to your very last test.

On Tortoise shell glasses, the marbled blend of caramels and browns will soften your look. Contrary to bold black frames, Tortoise designs have a gentler, laid-back appeal that gives off a unique, vintage vibe. This style is a great alternative for anyone who wants something a little fresher than basic black. Plus, the brightness of Tortoise frames can help refresh any outfit.

Hate feeling hidden away by bulky frames? If you’d rather show off the face behind the specs, then try Transparent glasses. This modern twist on traditional wayfarers is a fresh and stylish way to turn heads. Transparent frames can range from being completely clear, as seen here on our Ernest Hemingway 4617 glasses, to being tinted with a light color. Take our Lioni frames for example. They are crystal colored with a light lavender hue to add just a touch of brightness to your look. If you want to switch it up this year, then take on the Transparent trend.

Another wildly popular trend for Fall is the Fade. Rather than choosing one color to show off, Faded frames break up the monotony by transitioning from one color to another. This smooth transition can range from two separate colors, as seen here on our Retro Eyewear 100 glasses, or similar colors to create a bright ombre affect.

Be bold with a pair of colorful frames. The possibilities are endless when it comes to colorful glasses –from bright hues to subdued shades –and there is no better time to experiment with your look than during the new school year. If vivid colors like Red or Green are too jarring for you, stick with a deep, moody blue. The dark shade mimics the classic look of black frames while still giving you a unique appeal.

There’s a wide range of other special details that can take your glasses from drab to fab this school year. Features such as keyhole brides, rhinestone designs, and cat eye styles are a fresh way to heighten the look of a once traditionally plain pair of glasses.

With a new pair of stylish glasses, this may just be your best school year yet. Good luck, scholars!