Ordering glasses online is a guaranteed way to save a lot of money.
Some people, however, are concerned about ordering online because they cannot try the glasses on first.
Indeed, this is a valid concern. That’s why we’ve come up with four great ways to make ordering glasses online stress free!

ExactFit Try-On Tool
On our website, www.39DollarGlasses.com, every pair of glasses can be virtually tried on using our ExactFit Try-On Tool. With this innovative tool you can upload your photo and try on any of our glasses. You can find the tool along the right hand side of our website, giving you access to hundreds to different looks.

Our ExactFit Try-On Tool is the best way for you to decide on glasses. It will show you exactly how the glasses will look on your face, taking into account shape, material, and measurements. With this tool, you can rest assured that you’ve made the right selection.

Exact Measurements
Another great feature we offer is exact measurements for all of our frames. Certain sizes may look better on one face than another, so it’s important to take size into account when ordering. For an exact measurement, check directly below the frame you are viewing. We have specific sizing, which can be viewed as inches or millimeters, so it’s easy to understand how large or small a frame will be –right down to the temples!

Printable Glasses
Our website offers a printable “actual-size” image of all our frames. This means that you can literally print out a photo of the glasses, cut them out, hold them to your face, and see how they look. This option can be found directly below the frames you’re viewing, beside the Frame Sizing Chart and the Product Reviews. Simply click the link and print the PDF.

Worry Free Warranty
39DollarGlasses offers a Worry Free Warranty that makes it easy to return your glasses. Simply contact us within 10 days of receiving your order to return or exchange your glasses.

With such great features and a knowledge customer service team just a phone call away it’s never been easier to order glasses online. Happy shopping!