There are only two days left before Halloween! Have you decided on a costume yet? If not, check out this easy and glasses-friendly costume tutorial. And for more spooky ideas check out Part 1 of this series: DIY Scientist/Mad Scientist.

DIY Flower Child
Evoke the charm and whimsy of the 1960s with this easy and fun DIY Flower Child Costume.

What You’ll Need:
-Flowered or Colored Top
-Blue Jeans (Bonus Points for Bell-Bottoms!)
-Face Paint
-Flower Hair Clips
-Color Tinted Glasses
-A Peaceful Attitude

Step 1: Pull on some blue jeans, preferably bell-bottoms, and a funky shirt. Try anything with bright colors, flowers, or a vivid paisley design.

Step 2: If possible straighten your hair. Then part your hair down the middle. Add flower hair clips to the crown of your head. You can make your own by gluing fake flowers to bobby pins and letting them dry. Otherwise, you can purchase these hairclips or a flower headband very and easily and cheaply.

Step 3: Use face paint to add a bright flower or peace sign to your face. Try this website for fantastic face painting tips.

Step 4: Get a great pair of bright glasses to complete the look. Our eyeglasses can be tinted an array of colors (grey, brown, green, blue, rose, yellow, and orange). Here we choose a pair of blue tinted prescription glasses.

Step 5: Toss up a peace sign, recite lines like, “I dig it,” and show off your Flower Power.

Happy Halloween!