How to Help Kids Adjusting to Glasses

Getting glasses can be quite an adjustment for young children. As a parent, you’ll want to help them feel as comfortable as possible with this transition. In this blog post you’ll find several tips to help adjust your child to glasses.

1.    Explain
When a child learns that they must wear glasses, it can be a confusing and frustrating time. You must consider that the glasses may feel unusual at first. They may also feel insecure or anxious about wearing glasses.
You can help your child feel more comfortable in their glasses by explaining the importance of them. Inform your child that by wearing their glasses, it’s possible for them to enjoy their favorite activities so much more. Explain to your child that their new glasses will help them learn, play, and stay active because they will help them to see clearly.

2.    The Perfect Frame
Glasses will look different on different faces. To determine what works best for your child, figure out their face shape. This blog post on face shapes can help you figure out the most flattering design.
Your child will feel the most confident in glasses that they think are cool. Kids Glasses can come in a variety of fun colors and designs. Some glasses even include special touches like patterns and rhinestones.
If a child chooses their own glasses in a favorite color or design, they are much more likely to feel comfortable in their new frames.

3.    Comfort is Key
Your child won’t wear glasses that are ill fitting. If glasses are too tight, too loose, or otherwise uncomfortable your child will have an obvious reluctance about wearing them.
This is why it’s important to take measurements into account. On our website,, every pair of glasses has frame measurements in millimeters and inches. Be sure to check out frame measurements when fitting your child with glasses. When choosing glasses, don’t buy big and assume they will grow into them. Your child’s glasses must fit well from the start.
Lightweight frames are a great choice for first time glasses wearers. Avoid bigger, chunkier styles and opt for lighter metal or plastic frames.

No matter what, adjusting your child to glasses takes time and patience. Be there to answer any of their questions, but don’t constantly nag them about their glasses. In time your child will feel comfortable with their newest accessory and pleased by how clearly they can see.

*Bonus Tip for Parents: When it comes to Kids Glasses, we recommend polycarbonate lenses. Your child’s safety is extremely important, which is why polycarbonate is the #1 lens choice. Polycarbonate is lightweight and shatter-resistant. By choosing polycarbonate, your child eyes will stay safe, even if there is impact on their frames.






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