Remember brides; it’s your wedding. It is the start of your new life with the person you love.  It will be perfect. You will be perfect. But in order to remember it, you’ll have to see clearly!

Some may say it is unconventional to wear glasses on your wedding day. After all, it isn’t often you see brides rocking a pair of specs – despite the growing number of sexy and stylish frames made available. No, it seems brides in need of vision correction often opt for contact lenses on their big day.

Although there is nothing wrong with wearing contacts, brides shouldn’t shy away from glasses either. Some reasons being:

  • Update your look: Brides know their wedding day style. In this case, glasses shouldn’t be viewed as a medical device but rather a glamorous accessory to heighten their look. Whether your dress is vintage or quirky, glitzy or girly, there are glasses that can add to your look.
  •  If you wear glasses regularly then wearing glasses on your wedding day should help you feel more comfortable. Instead of fussing with contacts, you can enjoy your day and see clearly while doing it. Bonus: Remember, your fiancé fell in love with you in glasses.
  • Frame your face beautifully – A great pair of eyeglasses can help highlight your best features, like your high cheekbones and sparkling eyes.

Tips for Wearing Glasses on Your Wedding Day:

  • Consider your style: With a variety of designs and materials available, it is easy to match your eyewear to your dress. Delicate metal or semi-rimless glasses look lovely with a romantic dress. Bold cat eye frames look best on quirky brides. If you are going glam then get glasses with a little bit of sparkle.
  • Get glasses with an anti-glare coating. Your photographer will be snapping photos all day and you don’t want a harsh glare in your pictures.
  • Mind your veil. Glasses can easily get caught if you aren’t careful.

Above all else, have a beautiful wedding day!

*Featured Frames:
Photo 2 – Fission Eyewear 010 in Pink
Photo 3 – Retro Eyewear 100 in Brown/Brown Smoke
Photo 4 – Monterey Eyeglasses in Silver with Black/Gray temple