If you’ve ever wanted to change or enhance your eye color, colored contact lenses are a simple and safe solution. With a wide variety of options, you can go bold or subtle in one simple step. Most top contact lens brands, including Acuvue and Air Optix, offer quality contacts in an array of colors.


Subtle or Stunning:
Whether you’re looking for a vivid transformation or a natural enhancement, the color possibilities are endless. Brands like FreshLook and Air Optix, offer vivid options for both light and dark eyes.
Acuvue Define, the brand’s latest colored lens, is an innovate approach on colored contact lenses. These lenses add sparkle and shine, without any dramatic change to your eye color. Acuvue Define contact lenses add a natural radiance, no matter what color your eyes are.


Correct Your Vision:
Colored contact lenses are available for prescriptions but can also be purchased in PLANO (no prescription). So whether you need vision correction or your search is purely cosmetic, colored contacts have you covered.


See A Professional:
To safely transition into wearing colored contact lenses, see your eye care professional. Contact lens prescriptions are different than eyeglasses prescriptions, and you must have an up to date contact lens prescription before ordering contact lenses. Even if you do not need vision correction, customers ordering plano lenses still need a contact lens exam to properly fit contact lenses.
39DollarGlasses proudly carries the following colored contact lenses:

  • Acuvue Define
  • Air Optix Colors
  • Expressions Colors
  • FreshLook Colors
  • FreshLook Dimensions
  • FreshLook One Day


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