With so many glasses styles to choose from, it can be hard to pick out your favorite. It can be even harder to find the glasses style that works best for your face shape. For help finding the perfect frame check out our guide.

Oval Face

An oval face has balanced features, with a chin that tapers to be slightly narrower than the forehead. The most versatile face shape, oval faces look great in most glasses styles.  We recommend sticking to a classic wayfarer style that will compliment an oval face’s balanced features.

Stuyvesant, Portland, Oxygen

Round Face

Round face shapes can be described as having a rounder chin and fuller cheeks in which the width and length of the face is nearly equal. To compliment a round face try glasses with an angular shape, such as rectangle eyeglasses frames, which will help to sharpen features.

Wisdom, Helium, Clark

Square Face

Angular features such as a strong jawline, prominent cheekbones, and a wide forehead define square face shapes.  Rounded or oval eyeglasses frames will soften features and are the perfect compliment to square face shapes.

Pupil, Versailles 131, Warhol

Heart Face

People with heart shaped faces have features that include a wider forehead, a pointed chin, and high cheekbones. The best glasses for heart shaped faces are bolder styles. Because a heart shaped face narrows near the lower portion of the face, people with this face shape should avoid semi-rimless styles. Instead, choose bolder glasses to help balance out features.

Ernest Hemingway 4617, Retro Eyewear 100, Dunham

Regardless of your face shape, the most important thing is for you to choose the glasses that you feel best in!