Although parts of the world are still extremely cold right now during these last months of winter, Spring 2016 is steadily approaching. The springtime brings about a lot of sunshine and new style. Every year introduces new fashion trends, and one major accessory is eyewear. Whether it’s sunglasses for the beach or your eyeglasses that you wear for work or school, be sure to stay up to date on the latest trends.

What are the latest trends in sunglasses this spring? For starters, a lot of unique and retro frames are coming back into style. Styles that were trending decades ago are making a huge comeback this spring. One style making a comeback is browlines sunglasses. Very similar to a Wayfarer style frame, these glasses have a unique lens and frame shape. In addition to being worn high on the face by the eyebrows, browlines are also well known for not having any outline along the bottom of the frames. Many stylish women and men like David Beckham have been seen wearing browline sunglasses. These frames are classic, but have been modernized to fit perfectly with any face shape.

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Another trending style of frames is two-toned glasses, which come in different colors and shades of all kinds. Two-toned glasses have one solid color that usually fades at the bottom of the frame. Sometimes the color fades or is two-toned at the temple or earpiece as well. Many celebrities such as Robert Downey Jr., pictured below, have been seen wearing these frames recently for elegant and casual occasions. Two-toned glasses are fashionable for both men and women. We carry a cat eye frame called Retro 100, which is a two-toned frame for women. These frames come in a solid black, a two-toned Brown and Smoke, as well in Cognac and Blue Smoke. The Ernest Hemingway 4613’s are another two-toned frame we carry that are for both men and women and come in black and tortoise with a touch of crystal on the bottom of the frame.


The newest and trendiest style of glasses out there now is colored glasses. Not just your usual black, brown and tortoise frames, but a variety of bright and new colors that stand out from ordinary frame colors. Blues, reds, pinks and greens are just some of the newer colors being used this upcoming spring. The best part about the bright colored frames is that they can be worn as both sunglasses and regular glasses. We carry a wide variety of colored frames that have just the right touch of color in them. Although some of these colors are becoming very trendy, many would much rather stick to the original colors. However, even some of the original colors such as tortoise have new modifications as well. There are now many variations of tortoise frames that are a little darker or lighter, such as our Blonde Tortoise color. Our Seattle frames are one of our most colorful frames, coming in black, red, green or blue. We also carry Aviators and numerous other sunglasses frames with colorful tints, as opposed to the typical dark tints. Any familiar fans of these? Jennifer Lopez is pictured below sporting her blue tinted aviators on a beautiful sunny day. They are stylish for both men and women to wear for any occasion.

Avaitor 25 blue prides itself on carrying a ton of selection in all different styles of glasses and sunglasses. We offer any of our lens packages in any frame whether your prescription is for regular lenses, progressives or bifocals. Be sure to check out all the great items and deals we have to offer at!