What exactly are polarized Sunglasses? We hear this term from time to time when discussing different types of lenses that can be used for sunglasses. Many golfers and fisherman use them for sporting activities, but now polarized sunglasses are becoming one of the most popular lenses, and people are starting to wear them for daily wear. However, many people who are unfamiliar to polarized lenses do not understand what the term polarized means.

What does it mean?

The word polarized stems from these lenses having a polarizing filter, which restricts vibrations of light either wholly or partially in one direction. Non-polarized sunglasses block a certain amount of light that passes through them, but do not eliminate glare. Both non-polarized and polarized sunglasses eliminate UV rays, but you will still feel the glare on your face when wearing non-polarized sunglasses. Wearing regular sunglasses may help your vision on a sunny day, but it will affect your vision tremendously on a rainy or overcast day, or even indoors. For most people, the absence of sun glare is the biggest difference they notice when wearing polarized sunglasses.

How do they work?

Polarized sunglasses on the other hand have a microscopic layer that block the polarized light that is reflected on to your eyes by glare. Polarized lenses strengthen your vision because there is an absence of glare coming through your lenses. The tints aren’t blocking out as much light in order to help your eyes see more clearly and feel more comfortable. Due to the tint not having to be so dark, the polarized lenses will help you see objects from afar a lot easier as well as see objects in your line of vision much quicker. This is important because it will allow you to react quicker while driving. Benefits like these are one of the many reasons why polarized lenses have become widely popular. Polarized sunglasses have become the most comfortable and beneficial glasses that are on the market.

How Can I Tell?

A great way to tell if a pair of glasses is polarized is to hold them up in front of a computer screen with your arms extended away from you in an upright position. Next, rotate the glasses at a 90-degree angle and look at the computer screen through the lenses. The screen will turn black if they are polarized. If the screen stays bright and lit when rotating, then the glasses are not polarized. The light from the computer screen is polarized; therefore, the polarized sunglasses will block out the polarized light resulting in the blackout.

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