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Hi, 39ers! We would like to introduce you to our YouTube page! You can find us under the account name 39DollarGlassesVideo. We have created a ton of videos to help our customers with the most frequent issues that derive when purchasing discount prescription eyeglasses. Here, you’ll find instructional tutorial videos that will educate and help you with all your glasses needs.


Re-lensing your own frames may sound intimidating. However, once you watch this video, you’ll soon realize how simple it is. Just like all things in life, mistakes happen from time to time. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes happen with your frames, and for whatever reason, they may break. But not to worry, 39DollarGlasses.com offers one free-frame replacement within one year of receiving your order. If your frames are broken, but your lenses are still in tact, we’ll send you a new frame. Therefore, you will have to re-lens your own frame. Check out this quick video on how carefully pops your lenses back into place.


Adjusting Your Plastic Frames

It’s hard to keep your prescription eyeglasses perfectly straight and aligned all the time. But again, this is nothing to get worried about. The best thing to do is carefully bend each earpiece until they fight tightly around your ears. Did you know that using a blowdryer may have come in handy? Click the video below to learn more about this old trick to help mold your glasses back into place.


Adjusting Your Metal Frames

There are a few distinct differences when adjusting your metal frames as opposed to your plastic ones. Metal frames can be adjusted by simply bending the frame into place. The video below will instruct you on how to safely adjust them by bending them between the hinge and the lenses. If your prescription glasses are sitting too high or low on your face, you can adjust them by pushing the nose pads together or apart with your thumbs. If your glasses slide off your face easily, you can adjust them by bending the earpieces down in order to help them fit tighter around your ears.


How to Wear Your Progressives

It may take a while to get used to wearing progressives. They are made for those who need lenses for intermediate, distance and near correction vision. Progressives, also known as no-line bifocals can be worn high, low, or in the middle of your nose. When you wear progressives, you must learn to look through different parts of the lenses based upon whether you’re using them for reading or viewing objects from a distance. This video will help you gain a better understanding of how to tilt your head rather than moving your eyes for specific ranges.

Measuring Your Pupillary Distance

Your pupillary distance, also known as “PD” is essential when ordering glasses. Your pupillary distance is used to measure the correct positioning of your lenses within the frame you have chosen. A doctor, optician or even a friend can measure your PD. We also offer a free printable ruler that you can use to measure your own PD. You no longer need to call your eye care provider to ask. This instructional video is a quick step-by-step guide to help you place your order faster and with less hassle. You may even become an expert and start measuring your whole family’s PD!

These short and helpful videos were made to help our customers feel more at ease when they come across a problem with their glasses. We always want our customers to feel informed and educated on how to help resolve simple issues. If you still find trouble with your glasses, you are not out of luck. We have an excellent customer service that is always willing to walk you through your dilemma. You are never alone when you shop with 39DollarGlasses.com. Check out these 5 videos above and feel free to share them with your friends and family!