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With the fall season steadily approaching, it’s time to take a look at some of the latest glasses trends. The fall is the beginning of a new fashion season, and with hundreds of styles of frames to choose from, 39DollarGlasses.com will help you stay up to date with the most stylish eyewear, including prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses all at an affordable price.

Stay Colorful

Just as the leaves change color in the fall, so can the color of your glasses. With so many colors to choose from, why not go for a new look? One of the most popular colors of the fall is red. A light or dark red frame looks great with almost any outfit you sport this fall. A darker red frame, such as Katie in burgundy, is the perfect selection for this time of year when you begin to break out darker colored clothes. Red will bring some warmth to your outfit while contrasting those darker colors.

Katie Burgundy

Another color you can sport this fall is green. Our Oxygen frame combines a black wayfarer front with a choice of green or red temples. Purple is also a great color to wear in the fall. Our Massapequa frame has just the right touch of purple to add a little color to your new glasses. The temple colors will stand out and bring some life to your glasses without being overly flashy. Glasses are a great fashion accessory, and adding color to them is an excellent way to accentuate and complement your entire outfit.

Oxygen GreenMassapequaStay Modern

If you want to change your style, but stay away from brighter colors, you may want to consider a light brown or honey tortoise frame. Our Ernest Hemingway 4612 frame comes in blonde tortoise, which is perfect for those who want to transform their look for the fall, but keep the same modern look. All our frames from our Ernest Hemingway collection come in unique tortoise blends of light and dark brown. If you’re interested in this look, you may also want to consider our two-toned Ernest Hemingway 4606 and 4608 frames, which come in both black/crystal and tortoise/crystal.

4612 Blonde Tortoise

Stay Comfortable

 The summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the sun is going away! This means it’s still important to protect your eyes from the sun with a pair of sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses are the perfect way to block out the sun while being able to see clearly through the sunny months of September and October. One of the most popular trends for the 2016 fall season will be colored lenses. Any frame of your choice with a pair of colored lenses is a must-have look for the fall. How about green lenses? Our G-15 tints look sharp with any frame, especially a gold metal or brown tortoise frame. As pictured below, red or rose-tinted lenses look great with any frame and truly give off that fall feeling. We even offer orange and yellow lenses—fun colors to help you blend in with the leaves of autumn.

Renee Aviator Arms up

Overall, find a frame and lenses that pair well together and make you feel most comfortable. Whether they’re sunglasses for your days spent outside in the hot sun or eyeglasses for your cozy nights inside, be sure to embrace the fall season in style. Check out the latest in affordable, quality eyewear from a doctor-owned company at www.39DollarGlasses.com!