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What is blue light and how can it be harmful to your eyes? Sunlight contains colors that are on the visible light spectrum. These colors include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet (you may remember learning ROYGBV in school). You are exposed to this spectrum of colors throughout your daily life.

Electronic Devices


Blue light may also come from man-made products such as fluorescent and LED screens. Smart phones, computers, and other electronic devices all emit harmful blue light, but it is only a fraction of what is emitted from the sun. However, the amount of time humans spend on their electronic devices has many eye care professionals worried about the harm that blue light can cause their eyes.

Additionally, blue light has a very short wavelength, and therefore produces a higher amount of energy. High-energy blue light travels a lot more easily than other visible light because it is not as focused. This decreases visual contrast and eventually leads to the straining of your eyes. This is why it’s always best to look away from your screen every few minutes in order to give your eyes a break.

The Sun

sun-blog-495When it comes to harmful UV rays from the sun, the human eye is actually very effective at blocking these rays from reaching the retina, even without sunglasses. Nevertheless, sunglasses are essential in protecting your eyes from these UV rays from reaching other parts of the eye that may cause damage and lead to serious diseases such as cataracts. Therefore, those who spend an extensive amount of time on electronic devices are not protecting themselves. Unlike UV rays from the sun, people are more unaware about the effects of blue light.

Increasing Your Risk


Exposure to blue light increases your risk of macular degeneration due to the damage of the light-sensitive cells. Macular Degeneration is the degeneration of the macula, which is the part of your retina responsible for the sharp, central vision needed to read or drive. It is the leading cause of vision loss and affects more than 10 million Americans. This is more than cataracts and glaucoma combined.

Sleep Disturbance


The blue spectrum hits the cells in your eyes that send a signal to the brain to release melatonin. Because of this, melatonin production is turned off. Melatonin is a hormone your body produces which is key for falling asleep. Your Melatonin levels begin to rise a few hours before bedtime; therefore, the blue light from your phone or laptop can disrupt your circadian rhythm and keep you awake as well as cause sleep pattern disturbance.

How Do I Stay Safe?


There a few good practices to help protect your eyes from blue light. We cannot avoid blue light at all cost, but we can definitely help reduce the amount of blue light that we expose ourselves to on a daily basis. But lucky for us, there is a new technology that will be very helpful, especially to those who spend a lot of time in front of a screen. Scientists have discovered a way to protect our eyes from blue light with an anti-glare lens coating using state-of-the-art nano technology that blocks these harmful blue waves.



Introducing Blue495™, available only at 39DollarGlasses.com. This lens coating protects your eyes from blue light, reduces glare and gives your lenses a more polished look. These blue blocking lenses have a blue hue and amber tint that shines across the lenses when light is reflected on it, as pictured below.

The coating will help reduce eyestrain and headaches, as well as help you sleep better at night. You will reduce the risk of being affected by eye-related diseases and allowing blue light to damage your retina. It’s perfect for long days spent at the office or leisure activities such as browsing through your phone before bed. After using Blue495™, you will notice a distinct difference in the comfort of your eyes and will wonder how you ever wore glasses without it.

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