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39DollarGlasses.com offers hundreds of frame choices, but how do you know which are the latest to make their way on the site? It’s easy, just browse through our new arrivals section on the website to see all the latest frames in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Let’s take a look at some of the new selection.



Speonk is one of our best selling frames from our new arrivals collection and it makes sense. This unique wayfarer look comes in black, tortoise, and gray/red. A creative frame shape mixed with solid temples is a perfect look for anyone. It’s both modern and classic, and the dotted rivets give it that extra touch to add to some more style. Want more color? Check out Speonk gray, it comes with red temples to bring some extra life to an already fashionable frame.

Customer Review: “Feeling rather smooth in my new Speonk frame.” – Eva



This fun frame is simple with a little spice added to it due to its unique color choices. Bayville comes in black, cranberry/crystal and dark olive/crystal. The black is perfect for a professional or casual look, as the cranberry and olive colors are perfect for the fall and spring seasons. Its decorative temples help you stand out without taking the attention away from your best features.

Customer Review: “I LOVE my new Bayville progressive glasses in cranberry!! I also got a pair of single-vision in dark olive! I have a very high prescription but my lenses are nicely thin and finished well on the edges. The frames are great quality, and they came with very nice cases and cleaning cloths and even a little tool to use if ever a screw should come loose!” – Patti


Mineral is one of our most stylish frames from our new arrivals selection because of its shape and color availability. Pictured above is mineral in black and deep purple. The deep purple complements the black frame very well with its bright, translucent face. Not only does Mineral look great as eyeglasses, but they also work well as prescription sunglasses. This frame gives off both a retro and modern vibe.

Customer Review: “Got my new Mineral glasses in the mail today and I love them!” – Lisa




 The Lindsay frame is a great rectangle frame with thick temples and with some stylish embellishments. It comes in black, brown, and burgundy. This frame can be worn for professional, casual, or elegant occasions. The burgundy and brown colors are subtle and give the frame a bit of life without being overly colorful.

Customer Review: “I was super stoked to find this incredible selection of glasses at beyond reasonable prices. Absolutely love these! Thank you 39dollarglasses.com!” – Rachel




Elmont is an employee favorite because of its two-tone look. Whether it’s black/crystal, Matte Brown/Bone, or Black/Violet, the Elmont frame is both simple and eccentric at the same time. As opposed to a one-color frame, the two-tone look gives a contrast to your look. An original looking frame that you don’t see everyday will get you many compliments and suit you well in the fashion department. Elmont is a must-have for those who love to try new things and are looking for a new pair of modern frames.

Customer Review: “These are really cool frames, I love the two tone design. I’m a casual, trendy dressing mom, and these work if I’m wearing jeans, button down shirts, or one of my maxi dresses.” – A.T.


Our wide variety of frame selection is available for you to find the perfect frame specific to your wants and needs. These new arrivals only showcase a very small portion of what 39DollarGlasses.com has to offer. Fast shipping, free returns, and quality customer service make these new arrivals even more of a deal.