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Health should always be a number one priority. Taking care of yourself simply helps you feel better and live a happier life. But how often do you think about your eye health? We should never take our eye health for granted and should always be informed on new ways to improve it. Here’s a list of things that will help you maintain your eye health for many years to come.

Schedule an Eye Exam


Each person should be sure to get their annual eye exam done. This is important because our vision is not always as perfect as we think. Whether it’s glasses or contacts, many people don’t know that they were in need of corrective lenses before getting their eye exam. Many diseases such as glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration have no symptoms at all. This is one major reason why it’s extremely important to consult with a physician and schedule your eye exam.

Know Your Family History

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Learn the background of your family’s eye health so that your doctor is aware of what to be mindful of and can inform you on how often you should be getting your eyes examined. Those who have eye-related diseases in their family history may require more than one exam per year. Other health issues or diseases in your family, whether they are eye-related or not, can also affect the health of your eyes. The sooner you get checked out, the greater chance you have of preventing or treating any possible issues.

Don’t Forget Your Vitamins

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Most of us all know that carrots are good for your eyes; ever wonder why? Carrots are high in Vitamin A, which helps protect the surface of the eye, known as the cornea. In addition, when Vitamin A is combined with other antioxidants, it has shown to decrease the risk of macular degeneration – a disease that causes vision loss. Some research even suggests that Vitamin A drops are more effective than prescription eyedrops – this can be beneficial for those who suffer from dry eyes. Be sure to consult with a doctor before using this method of treatment.

Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

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Glasses and sunglasses hold a very high importance in taking care of your eyes, as Ultraviolet rays can be very harmful; therefore, be sure to purchase glasses that block out 99-100% of UV-A and UV-B radiation from the sun. We also offer polarized lenses, which your eyes will substantially benefit from due to the lenses eliminating glare from polarized light.

Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light


Blue light may come from man-made products such as fluorescent and LED screens. Smart phones, computers, and other electronic devices all emit harmful blue light, but it is only a fraction of what is emitted from the sun. However, the amount of time humans spend on their electronic devices has many eye care professionals worried about the harm that blue light can cause their eyes. Our Blue495™ lenses will help protect your eyes tremendously. This lens coating protects your eyes from blue light, reduces glare and gives your lenses a more polished look. The coating will help reduce eyestrain and headaches, as well as help you sleep better at night. You will reduce the risk of being affected by eye-related diseases and allowing blue light to damage your retina. It’s perfect for long days spent at the office or leisure activities such as browsing through your phone before bed.

Avoid Smoking

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Smoking is known to cause many other diseases, but what many don’t know is that it can increase your risk to several optical complications such as cataracts, optic nerve damage, and age-related macular degeneration, all of which can lead to blindness.

Watch What You Eat

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Eating right is always a great decision for your health, but being obese or overweight may increase your risk of developing diabetes and other complications, which can result in eye diseases such as glaucoma or diabetic eye disease. According to the National Eye Institute, diabetic eye disease is defined as a group of diseases that damage the eye’s optic nerve. Glaucoma is included in this group of diseases.

Furthermore, eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables is very beneficial for your eyes. Greens such as spinach and kale are rich in two antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin, which are both located in the macula. Even certain kinds of fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as tuna and salmon are beneficial for your eyes. These fatty acids actually help lower your risk of macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome. Additionally, these omega-3 acids may expand regular drainage of intraocular fluid form the eye, which helps lower the risk of high eye pressure and glaucoma.

Be mindful of the everyday decisions you make and what impact they may have on your eyes. There is always an extra step you can take – these are just a few of them. Owned and operated by two eye doctors, 39DollarGlasses.com is always looking for new ways to provide our customers with the most up-to-date and safest technology. Our team is helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to glasses, contact lenses, and all aspects of the optical field. Take these healthy tips into consideration and you can be on the right track to seeing clearly for a long time.