If the eyes are the windows to the soul, people that wear glasses need a way to spruce up the scenery. When watching YouTube videos, reading fashion blogs, or even browsing Instagram, there is a common theme among fashion aficionados. Whether incorporating glasses into an outfit because they aid in seeing or because it adds to the look, one thing is for sure… glasses, and eyewear in general, have become a staple in fashion. But how has a symbol for the socially awkward nerd, become an every day accessory?

Glasses were initially invented around the year 1268 in Italy and primarily used by monks and scholars. From this point onward, variations of corrective lenses have been used all over the world. Evolving gradually… riveted spectacles to bifocals, glasses became readily available to the less wealthy public as they became more popular. Fast forward to 2017, and about 61 percent of the world’s population wear glasses, or some form of visual aid. With a number as large as this, there is no wonder why people have gotten creative when it comes to their style.

Like most other brands and companies, 39DollarGlasses.com has evolved with the times. What was fashionable one day could easily be “so yesterday” the next. And what was a fad in the 80’s might, all of a sudden, be today’s biggest trend. Fashion is a way for people to relay what they are feeling and thinking to the strangers around them. The psychology behind eyewear reveals that people that wear glasses are often seen as smarter, calmer, and more approachable than those who do not.

Horned rim glasses and round glasses are two styles that have completely changed demographics. The stereotypical “creepy old guy glasses” aka horned rim had a very negative connotation associated with them as little as 15 years ago. Now, they come in an amalgam of various styles. 39DollarGlasses.com offers an assortment of these styles. From the Portland frames to the Versailles, it is easy to find one that best suits you.

Same goes for what was once the stereotypical “nerd” frames, aka round-shaped glasses. Styles such as the Pupil frames or Ernest Hemingway are some of our most popular. Oftentimes being unique can go a very long way in fashion. These styles are so popular because they offer the wearer a new way to make their every day outfits that much more stylish and desirable.

The world is changing constantly. With these rapid and continuous changes comes new innovations and the reintroduction of old ideas. Applying this to eyewear, people are always finding new ways to switch up their look. This is where companies like 39DollarGlasses.com come into the picture. It’s our responsibility to help facilitate these growing trends and aid the public in what best suits their changing style.