In case you haven’t noticed yet, our site has a new look! We’ve done this for a number of reasons: one of which being to aid in improving the experience of our customers. At, we understand that times are changing and the future is now! With that comes a need to constantly reinvent ourselves and improve on what we have already created.

Going into our site redesign, we knew we wanted to give everything a new, more modern look. Right off the bat you will notice that we’ve implemented a simplistic and minimalistic design.

As you can see, we’ve made it so everything on the home page is clearly visible and available for our customers to navigate the site. For example, instead of having one option to search all eyeglasses on the top banner, we have included three separate links for men, women, and kids. Furthermore, we have included a link to give customers a sense of what our Blue495™ coating technology does and why it is beneficial. Being one of our most well known features, we receive many questions about Blue495™ on a daily basis. Having a link on the main page that explains this feature is the most logical way of helping our customers understand all of their options before they delve into shopping.

At the bottom of our new homepage, we have included some more information that we feel would be beneficial to our customers. Why should you choose What can you expect when browsing our eyeglasses, sunglasses, and/or contacts? These are a couple of the questions that we believe everyone wants to know as soon as they land on our site.

Moving on to our category pages, you can see how the minimalist idea continues. With fewer unnecessary images and the complete removal of a sidebar, we have made these landing pages even more user-friendly by giving the customer a sense of simplicity.

Wondering what’s new about each individual glasses page? For starters, it is much cleaner now. We felt that there was too much going on that distracted our customers from the one thing they are there for… glasses. Options such as “Lens Color” and “Frame Size” are now clearly visible, while their contents are not visible until you click on them. Everyone wants to view frames that they are interested in without every option we offer being available all at once.

Mobile usability is just as important as desktop. It needs to be done in a way that doesn’t take away from the experience simply because the screen is smaller. Shrinking the desktop version and calling it a day is unacceptable. This is something we had to take into great consideration when developing our mobile version. As a result, it is even easier to use because it eliminates the frustration that usually comes with mobile. Our images fit, filtering frames is much simpler than ever before, and even options such as “chat” or “search” are clearly labeled and easily accessible. Features such as SelfieVue™ are now just as user-friendly on mobile as they are on desktop.

We’re beyond excited to announce our new site design and hope our customers will love it as much as we do. A considerable amount of time and effort has gone into its production and we are confident it will leave a lasting impression on every visitor. Our customers’ opinions are of the upmost value to us. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us through email or social media if you have any comments or suggestions that can help make our site even better. We are continually improving and use what our customers want as a starting point to improve. If you haven’t already, head over to our new site and get a feel for it. You’ll like what you see… trust us!