Gone are the days when thick eyeglasses (those old lenses were actually made of glass) were so heavy they needed massive frames to support them and were constantly sliding down your nose. Today’s glasses are lighter, more comfortable and do a better job of correcting (and protecting) our vision. Here are just a few ways advances in technology have improved our options for eyewear.

Progressive Lenses

Once upon a time, the only way to correct both myopia (trouble seeing things clearly in the distance) and the need for help reading things up close was to have bifocal lenses. With an unflattering line across the middle, only Grandma found them to be stylish. Today, progressive lenses correct vision at all distances – close, middle and far away but without any apparent change in the appearance of the lens. Even for strong prescriptions, today’s high-index plastic lenses are thinner and lighter than the Coke-bottle lenses of days gone by.

Get Outside, But Save Your Eyes!

If you are outside a lot, you know how important it is to protect both your skin and your eyes from too much sun exposure. Transition lenses get darker automatically when you are outside to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Once back indoors, they quickly lighten up so there’s no need to keep track of an additional pair of sunglasses.

Night Driving Glasses

Some new lenses have a coating that reduces glare when driving at night. That’s good news for anyone who has ever had trouble reading street signs after dark or who struggles with glare and distortion caused by oncoming headlights. Perfect for driving at twilight or in the rain, DriveWare lenses (developed by Zeiss) mean no more excuses when it’s your turn to make a night-time run to the corner store to pick up milk.

Protect Us from Our Screens!

Another type of coating helps protect us from digital eye strain. Lots of us (ok, most of us) spend a little too much time staring at glowing screens of one sort or another. The blue light emitted by our various devices can contribute to macular degeneration and retina damage, which is all the more reason it’s important to add a protective coating to help shield our eyes from too much exposure to the high-energy blue light that’s bombarding us for so many hours each day.

Amazing Advances Ahead!

The next generation of eyeglasses is getting even smarter – so smart, in fact, even your friends with 20/20 vision will want a pair. Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog post in which we’ll talk about some of the high-tech developments in eyewear that are heading our way!

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