You probably remember all those regular vision exams back in elementary and middle school. Studies have shown that untreated eye conditions can lead to learning problems for children, which is one reason why many schools push students to get exams on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, many people stop getting regular eye exams around the time they stop using advanced algebra in their daily lives. In fact, plenty of people only get their eyes checked if they are experiencing an obvious problem.

Why is this so concerning? Eye conditions, like any health condition, are easiest to treat when they are diagnosed early. If you are already experiencing impossible-to-ignore symptoms, your condition might already be getting serious. 

Here are a few concrete examples of how regular eye exams can help improve your vision and your life:

Eye Health

Macular Degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss in older Americans — and when it is caught on time, the damage it causes can be slowed through surgery and/or medication.

Cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy are three other conditions that can cause vision loss or even blindness when left untreated. What do they all have in common with Macular Degeneration?

Early detection can stop eye damage in its tracks, while a failure to treat on time can lead to irreversible vision loss. These diseases can hinder everything from your ability to read to your ability to recognize faces, which is precisely why so many in the medical community are passionate about regular eye exams.

Overall Health

Regular eye exams can even be beneficial for your overall health as well, as some eye troubles can indicate a serious condition. For example, there are several documented cases of optometrists diagnosing brain tumors. Without those eye exams, the patients might not have discovered their condition until the tumor had grown more.

Eye exams can also help diagnose conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol. Keep in mind, symptoms of a disorder rarely occur until after some sort of damage has already been done. If you want to protect your overall health, never take your vision for granted.

Nervous About Your Next Eye Exam?

This feeling can keep people away from the exams they need, which is a real shame. Hopefully, the information in this article helped inspire you to get your next checkup soon. But if you’re still uneasy about getting your eyes checked, here’s one more thing you will have to look forward to — a chance to try some new glasses! After your next eye exam, find the look you’ve been dreaming of at 39 Dollar Glasses!