If you are thinking about getting contact lenses, you probably have lots of questions. Everyone’s eyes are different, so make sure to consult with a fully qualified eye-care professional before making your decision. But meanwhile, here are some answers to questions we hear all the time.

Am I Too Young for Contact Lenses?

If you can read this, probably not. Contact lenses aren’t generally recommended for children younger than eight, but that’s more because very young children aren’t always as responsible or careful as older kids. If a child is motivated and willing to practice good hygiene and lens care there’s no reason they can’t enjoy the benefits of contacts.

Can I Sleep With My Contacts In?

Maybe. There are many different types of contact lenses and only some are suitable to leave in while you are sleeping. Different people also have different amounts and quality of tears, so it’s always safest to check with your eye care specialist to make sure it’s appropriate to sleep with your contacts in.

Is There Such a Thing as Bifocal Contacts?

Yes. Bifocal, trifocal and even progressive contact lenses are now available. That’s great news considering that most people in their 40s and beyond will eventually need reading glasses to help focus on objects up close.

Is There A Way to Try Contact Lenses Before Buying?

Most eye practitioners allow you to try contact lens options before you have to make a purchase. It’s important that the lenses fit properly, are comfortable, and provide you with the best possible vision correction. There are many types of contact lens on the market, so sometimes you’ll need to try a couple of options before you find the perfect match.

How Hard is it to Look After Contact Lenses?

Not hard at all. Your hands need to be clean before putting your contacts in (or taking them out) and you’ll need to use an appropriate cleaner for lenses you will re-use. Daily wear contacts are perhaps the easiest to look after as they are only intended to be worn once before disposal. Your eye care professional will give you all the information you need to properly look after your contact lenses depending on the type you eventually choose.

Can I Wear My Contacts in the Swimming Pool?

It’s not usually recommended to wear contacts without snug goggles or a snorkelling mask. After swimming, clean your contacts well before putting them back in. If you swim a lot, consider using daily wear disposable contacts.

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