Poor eyesight tends to sneak up on people. One day you seem to be able to see for miles, and the next you’re having trouble reading even the largest billboards. Whether near or far sighted, many individuals blame glasses on their decreasing eyesight. If your eyes are getting weaker, or if you believe glasses could make your eyes get worse, you’ll be relieved with the answer to this question: No, glasses do not make your eyes weak.

Find out why this old tale is simply fiction, as well as some possible origins of this myth, below. If you or your friends need convincing that glasses are beneficial to your overall eyesight, this is a great resource.

Why Not?

Without getting into too much science, it all has to do with the condition called presbyopia. Basically, the lens of each eye needs to be able to bend to focus on different objects. As you age, your lenses become thicker, so you can’t focus as well. While the statement, “You’re just getting old” doesn’t really give a lot of confidence, it is closer to the truth.

Origins of This Myth

This question stems from a whole range of glasses myths that have kept people from getting glasses for years. There are many explanations for why these myths have continued to be used, but here are two different reasons why this particular myth may still be around:

  1. Correlation: Many people many begin wearing eyeglasses right as their vision is starting to decline. So, most people who begin wearing glasses will soon see further decline in their vision. They incorrectly attribute it to wearing glasses.
  1. Getting Used to Glasses: The second reason could be that people are suddenly aware what clear vision looks like. If you’ve been looking at blurry images for years, your brain may be used to guessing objects. Once your clear vision is restored, you’ll see the contrast between clear vision and blurry vision very dramatically. Your mind typically uses these tricks to convince you that you can see better than you’re able. However, glasses will only improve your vision and help you realize what you were missing.

More Info

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