There’s nothing worse than losing your glasses. Whether on vacation or around the home, living without glasses ranges from frustrating to nearly impossible, depending on your prescription. In order to avoid or minimize the hassle of getting new glasses, here are some top tips for avoiding losing your glasses or conveniently replacing them.

How to Prevent Losing Your Glasses

Rather than go through the painful process of replacing your glasses, here are some easy ways to be sure to never lose them in the first place.

Keep Them On Your Face

Believe it or not, but your glasses are typically safer on your face instead of in your shirt pocket. Whether you’re flying through the air on a roller coaster or cruising your neighborhood in a convertible, you are best off wearing your glasses rather than stowing them away in your pocket. 2

Wear an Eyewear Retainer

You may be surprised with the latest fashion trends in eyewear retainers. Croakies makes a diverse range of customizable colors and prints to match any style. It’s a practical, convenient and stylish way to keep your glasses on your face no matter the activity.

What To Do If You Lose Your Glasses

Accidents aren’t always preventable. If you lose your glasses on the road or break them while at home, here’s a few quick tips to keep your life moving forward.C

Carry a Spare Pair

Two are harder to lose than one. If you have affordable glasses, it’s easy to stock up on an extra pair or two in the event of an emergency.

Buy Temporary Reading Glasses

While not the perfect fix, any local pharmacy will usually sell generic reading glasses. These glasses will come in a standard prescription, so you’ll have to know your prescription.

Keep Your Prescription Handy

Your prescription is your lifeline. Memorize it or have it written down somewhere in order to avoid costly eye exams.

Or Get a New Prescription

If you have an old prescription or don’t have access to your prescription when on vacation, you’ll need to setup an eye exam in order to receive a new prescription. This will help you find the right set of glasses. While most optometrists will encourage you to buy a set of glasses directly from the clinic, you can always simply get a prescription and purchase your glasses elsewhere.

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