Children can’t always tell when they have vision problems, which can make it difficult for you, as a parent, to know that they need help. Thankfully there are some notable signs that can lead you in the right direction.

Signs Your Child Needs Glasses


Squinting is the most obvious sign your child needs glasses. Squinting can provide temporary clarity and focus for children with refractive issues. Similarly, if your child sits close to your television screen or puts mobile devices close to their face, they may be nearsighted. Is your child displaying either of these behaviors? If so, you should consider taking them to get their vision screened.

Tilting Head

When a child’s eyes are misaligned, then they may tilt their head to try and correct the issue. This initial misalignment is known as lazy eye. Lazy eyes are more common in children than you might think. If you notice your child turning their head when they read or write, it’s time to see the eye doctor.

Difficulty in School

If your child is struggling in school, poor vision may be to blame. If your child cannot read the board or is having a hard time reading their books, it might be due to vision problems. Also, If they have bad grades, talk to their teacher and ask if they display any of the above behaviors during class time. A new pair of children’s glasses could easily transform their grades from “Cs” to“As”.

Seeing a Doctor

Typically, your child’s school will perform vision screenings every couple of years. If your child fails the screening, has any of the issues above, or complains about frequent head- or eye aches, it is time to see an eye doctor. Your eye doctor will complete a comprehensive eye exam that will assess visual acuity, eye alignment, depth perception, and the overall health of your child’s eye.

If your child does need glasses, your eye doctor will give you a prescription. They may try to have you buy glasses from their clinic. However, you can save a lot of money by taking the prescription and buying discount glasses online from us. With nearly 50 different styles for kids, your child can choose their favorite pair from All of our kids glasses scratch resistant and are quickly delivered- so they can start rocking an awesome pair right away!