The Benefits Of Anti-Reflective Coating

Let’s face it, glasses can be downright annoying. They have to potential to cause distracting reflections and glare during everyday activities. Although, thanks to anti-reflective coating, you can completely eliminate this common frustration. Anti-reflective (AR) lens coating can be applied on your next pair of prescription glasses to improve your vision, lessen your eye strain, and even enhance your appearance!

Better Vision

Traditional lenses reflect about 8% of visible light, which means that only 92% of light can be seen by the person wearing the glasses. This might not seem like much of an issue in the daytime, but having less visible light can become dangerous at night–especially if you’re driving. With AR coating, you can benefit from sharper vision regardless of the light condition or your glasses prescription. The technology eliminates glare caused by bright lights and allows nearly 100% of visible light to pass through your lenses.

Reduces Eye Strain

If you spend a lot of time in front of a screen, you might frequently experience dry eyes or eye strain. Traditional lenses reflect the lights from your devices and can cause irritating glare that may worsen your eye strain. Although AR coating doesn’t filter out all of the harmful blue light that’s emitted from electronic devices, it can make your browsing or online shopping much more comfortable. However, if you use an electronic device for hours every day, consider an AR lens coating that also features blue-light blocking technology.

Helps You Look Your Best!

Traditional lenses can completely obscure your eyes in photographs, which can ruin an otherwise perfect group photo with your friends. Others may struggle to see your eyes in your regular day-to-day life due to reflections in your glasses, making your efforts to perfect your eyeliner seem pointless. You could find the most attractive and flattering pair of glasses frames, but if people can’t see your eyes, you won’t be able to look your best. Next time you find the perfect frames, purchase lenses with AR coating; it makes your lenses nearly invisible so your eyes will never be hidden by glare ever again.

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