As the seasons change from summer to winter, the heat begins to fade–but just because it’s chilly outside, doesn’t mean the sun’s usual threats to your body vanish. Many are unaware that the winter sun can still cause damage to your skin and eyes. This makes wearing sunglasses year-round vital to eye health.

Protect From Harmful UV Rays

During the winter months, the sun sits lower in the sky. This can cause an increased amount of sun exposure, especially if you are outdoors for a long period of time. Furthermore, if you live in a snowy climate, or like to visit the mountains during the winter, you could face a larger risk. The sun glares off the snow, which compounds the rays’ harmful properties. Those harmful ultraviolet rays can cause a variety of eye diseases, like cataracts and macular degeneration. All of 39DollarGlasses’ sunglasses feature 100% UV protection. This protects your eyes now, so you will be healthier as you age. 

Protection From Wind and Debris

Irritating wind storms are common during the winter time. The cold, brisk air can quickly dry out your eyes if you do not protect them. This is especially true when you engage in winter sports, like skiing or snowboarding.

During Autumn, trees strip themselves of leaves. This creates a lot of debris. Those winter winds pick up that dust and debris and disperses them into the air. When dust and debris are pushed into your eyes via the wind, your eyes naturally produce a tears to try to wash themselves. If you produce too many tears, your eyes will dry out and become painful.  Sunglasses will help protect your eyes, so you don’t have to waste any tears.

A Clear Perspective

The snow is a beautiful sight, but that glossy white color is ideal for reflecting the sunlight. If you live in a snowy region, or like to visit the snow for fun, you can quickly be blinded by the glare. This makes it unsafe to drive, snowboard, and ski. However, with sunglasses, the reflection doesn’t have to ruin your day. You can enjoy a snow-filled afternoon without having to squint all day.

Not only do sunglasses help you see through the glare, but prescription sunglasses can improve your vision, so you can take part in all the snowy fun. Looking for a new pair of shades that fit your personality? Browse our array of discount prescription eyeglasses at