Most people know to protect their eyes at work, but you need just as much protection in the comfort of your own home. Common household products cause around 125,000 eye injuries every year. If you want to stay safe, there are some quick and easy tips you can follow.

Wear Eye Goggles

A good pair of eye goggles can protect you from a variety of household hazards. If you work with wood, you have probably used goggles while cutting planks with your saw. However, saw dust is not the only debris goggles can protect you from.

If you do a lot of yard work, you will want to invest in a pair of eye goggles. Goggles can protect your eyes when you are mowing. They will also prevent dust, rocks, and loose leaves from hurting your eyes. Furthermore, goggles are great protection while using a weed wacker. These impressive tools move very quickly, and can cause debris to fly up near your face.

Even if you are doing the heavy lifting, the people around you should also wear safety goggles during tough outdoor jobs. If you are completing a task that involves a lot of debris, ensure all the bystanders – especially children – are properly protecting their eyes.

Be Careful Around Chemical Cleaners

When you have a tough mess in your home, it is common to use chemical-based cleaners to get the job done. However, these chemicals can be extremely dangerous. If you are scrubbing or working with hard solvents and detergents, you will want to protect your eyes with safety goggles. This will ensure no chemicals can get into your eyes – causing irritation or blindness. Your regular glasses will not provide enough protection, so make sure you are adequately prepared.

Furthermore, when handling chemicals you should read and follow all of the manufacturer instructions and warning labels. Before you use the cleaner, you should read the instructions on what to do if the chemical gets in or around your eyes.

Limit Screen Time

Screens emit blue light, which is among the shortest, yet highest energy wavelengths. When looked at for a long time, artificial blue light can affect your sharpness and clarity. Instead of wearing safety goggles, you can combat this issue using our Blue495 anti-glare coating lenses. This state-of-the-art nanotechnology will block blue light. So, if you can’t limit your screen time you won’t see as many harmful effects, such as dry eye and headaches.