Thanks to advances in technology, people can do a lot more to change their appearance than they could even just a couple of years ago. While certain modifications, like dying your hair or correcting your teeth, are pretty safe and commonplace practices in today’s society, more dangerous practices like eye modification are becoming increasingly popular as well.

Although eye modification trends are fairly recent, a decent number of people are paying to change their eye color or to get their eyes tattooed. While these trends might seem fun, they pose serious risks to you eyes and your vision. Before you consider any form of eye modification, here are some potential dangers that you should keep in mind:


Impaired Vision

In order to tattoo a person’s eye, a tattoo artist has to inject ink into the sclera. The sclera is the white outer layer of the eyeball surrounding the cornea that protects the eye from injury. If a tattoo artist accidentally injects too much ink into the eye, it can cause blurry vision or even blindness.

Undergoing surgery to change your eye color can permanently damage your vision as well. These procedures require silicone implants to be placed in the eye, which can cause blindness even when done correctly. Silicone implants can get in the way of the eye’s natural draining system, causing inflammation and leading to vision damage. This vision impairment is often irreversible.

Eye Pain

Getting an eye tattoo can be incredibly painful, especially if the ink is injected too far into the eye or if the tattoo artist uses a needle that is too big. Because eye tattooing has come about only in the past few years, with one of the first eye tattoos using the injection method occuring in 2007, many tattoo artists have not received the proper training and practice necessary to inject this ink properly, increasing the risk of vision damage and eye pain.



If a tattoo artist does not use the proper type of ink or they use too much pigment, there is a risk of infection. Infections from contaminated ink, in addition to being painful, can cause problems that are so severe that they can require surgery to correct.

Silicone implants from eye-color modification surgery can also cause infections. As the silicone implants keep the eye from draining properly, pressure builds up in the eye which can lead to other severe complications and infection.

Loss of Eyeball

If your eye infection is severe enough, it may require emergency surgery or even the removal of the entire eyeball. In 2017, a 22-year-old male had to have his eyeball removed after he experienced extreme pain, vision loss, and infection.


Unless a surgical procedure or modification is absolutely necessary for your health, you should avoid making alterations of any kind to your eyes.

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