Contact lenses have different uses, perhaps most notably correcting your vision. There are several things that cause blurred vision, such as refractive error. Incoming light rays will first come into contact with your lenses before they enter your eye.

Contacts fix eye problems by focusing the light into the retina thus allowing for clear vision. Contacts are also used for aesthetic purposes. For example, you can use them to change the color of your eyes. Because contact lenses look after your eyes, it’s important that you take good care of them as well.

1.    Handle them with clean hands

Wash and rinse your hands before handling your contact lenses. The soap you use should be free of oils and perfumes. This is important because these products can leave behind a film on your hands that you may accidentally transfer to your contact lenses. This film can cause blurred vision and irritate your eyes.

2.    Store your contacts properly

After purchasing your contact lenses, you will receive a case to safely store your contacts after use. Although it may seem like a no brainer, ensure you store your contacts here and not in a paper towel. Regularly rinse the case with approved sanitizer and air-dry it to keep it free from bacteria.

3.    Use special care products

Some types of contact lenses are delicate; therefore, maintaining them requires special care products. Some of these products include eye drops and cleaning solutions. Ensure you consult your optometrist before buying any one product, as some may not be suited for you or your contacts.

4.    Clean your contacts regularly

To remove surface buildup, rub your contact lenses gently using your index finger. Using a cleaning solution is recommended followed by a disinfecting solution. Avoid using tap water to clean your lens because tap water may host tiny microorganisms that can cause infections.

5.    Use an enzymatic cleaner

Depending on the type of your contact lenses and the amount of protein that your eyes deposit on them, your eye doctor may recommend using protein removal products such as enzymatic cleaners. Normal cleaning doesn’t completely eradicate protein deposits, which may make your contacts uncomfortable.

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