Makeup Tips for Eye Health

Our eyes put up with a lot every day. There is dust and contamination in the air. Plus, we rub our eyes, get soap in them when we shower, and the list goes on. But there are little things we can do every day to minimize damage to our eyes. If you wear eye makeup, then consider these tips to lower your odds of developing an eye infection.

Be clean about it

Makeup and their utensils are like any other items. They can easily harbor dangerous bacteria, especially if they live in your bathroom. So remember to clean your makeup applicators and brushes routinely, and replace them every so often. Makeup brush cleaners are a useful product to have. If you invest in one that is of decent quality and use it once or twice a week, you’ll be golden. Clean your hands before applying eye makeup, as well. This way you’ll be brushing makeup onto you skin and nothing else.

Nix the glitter

It’s shimmery and eye-catching, but it can also be harmful. Glitter in your eye makeup runs the risk of making its way into your eye, where it can do massive scratch damage. There is a wide gap, danger-wise, between cosmetic-grade glitter and glitter from your local craft store. Glitter meant for makeup is far less likely to result in one of those horror stories you may have read where a speck of glitter causes someone to lose an eye. However, even cosmetic-grade eye glitter can irritate and scratch at the eye. If you have sensitive eyes, it is best to avoid it all together.

Don’t sleep in makeup

Your best protection against infection is removing your makeup at night. Be sure to clean all traces of eyeliner, mascara, and shadow from your lids and lashes. Sleeping in eye makeup is a recipe for disaster because you put yourself at risk of rubbing the makeup into your eyes and breeding infection.

Get rid of old makeup

Finally found that palette you lost ages ago? Toss it. Makeup can be expensive. There’s a compulsion to keep it until it’s used up, but if you’re makeup’s been rolling around in your bathroom cabinet for two years, it’s safer to just throw it out. Be sure to replace all your eye makeup regardless of age if you have been diagnosed with an eye infection of any kind. Otherwise, you run the risk of re-infecting yourself.

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