With so many health scares in the world today, you may easily overlook your eye health. For most of us, we only pay close attention to our eyes when something serious happens. Due to advancement in the optometry field, it is now easier than ever before to detect eye problems before they cause vision loss. If you experience sudden blurry vision or are unable to read signs, then you may need to get an eye exam. Other signs that you may need an eye exam include:

1. Eye Fatigue

Flu, allergies, cold, or inadequate sleep can cause temporary fatigue or strain. However, if it persists for some time, you should see your eye doctor. While your eyes can experience fatigue from everyday activities like reading or watching TV, fatigue may also be a sign of undiagnosed health conditions such as diabetes, changes in your vision, or an eye infection.

2. Difficulty With Night Vision

Having difficulties making out road lines and road signs while driving at night? If you have discovered that your night vision is fading, especially when driving, you should visit your eye doctor for an exam. Diminishing night vision is often a sign of early cataracts or nearsightedness. There is a high chance that you may need eyeglasses to correct your problem.

3. Headaches

One of the common signs of a vision problem is frequent headaches. Changes in your vision happen gradually. As a result, you may not easily notice them. However, headaches are a warning sign of changes to your vision. Therefore, if you’re experiencing frequent headaches, consider visiting your eye doctor to have them checked.

4. Sensitivity to Light

If you notice a sudden change your sensitivity to light, then it may be time you get an eye exam. Light sensitivity is one key sign of eye disease or a number of disorders, including eye infection. Therefore, if you discover that you’re experiencing light sensitivity more regularly than before, consider calling in for an appointment today.

5. You Haven’t Had An Eye Exam for the Last Two Years

If you have not had an eye exam over the last two years, you should schedule one soon. The unnoticeable changes in your eyes that are associated with age make it more important to get frequent eye exams as you grow older.

Don’t Skip Your Next Eye Exam

Unlike visiting your dentist, you don’t need to visit your eye doctor for an eye exam every six months. However, eye specialists recommend that you get an eye exam every two years, as you become prone to some problems more and more as you age. These problems include dry eye syndrome, cataracts, migraines, and many others. If you’re experiencing the above signs, ensure that you visit an optometrist and undergo a precision eyesight test. If your eye doctor recommends vision improvement products, you can get quality products at an affordable price from 39DollarGlasses.com.