You don’t need an experienced psychologist or doctor to tell you that men and women have differences when it comes to eyesight. Specifically, recent studies suggest that men are better at spotting fine details as well as rapid movements while women are better at distinguishing colors. Apart from their inability to differentiate between colors, men are also more likely to be colorblind. Other differences include:

Eyesight and Hormones

From puberty, hormones cause several changes including the way the eyes grow. For most teenage boys, they may experience temporary nearsightedness as their eyes grow. This nearsightedness may or may not be permanent. In any case, it can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses.

Meanwhile, women often experience vision changes due to the hormones estrogen and progesterone. The fluctuating levels of these hormones affect our eyes’ oil glands and cause dryness. The dryness can result in blurry vision and also make wearing contacts difficult. However, vision issues due to hormonal changes will resolve itself after the hormones level out.

Colored Vision

 A recent study pioneered by Israel Abramov, a psychology professor at Brooklyn College, revealed that males require a longer wavelength compared to females, in order for them to experience certain hues. During the study, it was discovered that long wavelengths are linked to warm colors like orange. Women who participated in the test described the colors as redder than men did. Additionally, women viewed grass to be greener than to men.


 According to National Geographic, humans evolved as hunters and gatherers to fit their prehistoric roles. This explains why men are more sensitive to rapidly moving stimuli and fine details, as their forebears had to detect prey or predators from afar. On the other hand, females, who were often gatherers, were skilled at detecting static objects or those at close range such as wild berries.

Men Have to Take Closer Care of Their Eyes than Women

Men are more likely than women to do labor-intensive work and engage in dangerous sports. This increases their risk of eye injury. To make matters worse, men are less likely to wear protective gear than women. This explains why men are three times more likely to suffer eye injuries than women.

How to Avoid Vision Changes

Despite the differences in vision between men and women, vision changes can be corrected. Regardless of the cause of the change, you will find glasses or contact lenses that can improve your vision. Visit 39DollarGlasses today and get affordable and quality eye products.