Contact lenses are an extremely popular option to help correct vision. The $7.6 billion industry serves over 39 million Americans every year. However, the way we utilize contacts may be changing.

Right now, there are two main uses for contact lenses: corrective lenses and colored contact. Corrective lenses allow you to see clearly without utilizing glasses, while colored contacts “change” the color of your eye. In the future, contacts will have far more uses. Read on to learn more.

Smart Contacts

As science improves, technology is getting smarter and smarter. Within the near future, smart contact lenses could be monitoring your health through your eyes. Solar-powered lenses may be able to track your glucose, allergens, and blood alcohol levels.

These unique lenses can send digital data via wifi to your doctor, so they can monitor your general well-being. These contacts would be thick enough to contain this technology, but thin enough to feel comfortable all day.

Color Blindness

1 in every 12 men, and 1 in every 200 women are colorblind. There are various types of colorblindness that limit the spectrum people can see. Scientists have already created glasses to combat this disease, but that same relief could be coming to contact lenses.

Researchers at the University of Birmingham in the UK found that adding dye derived from rhodamine to contact lenses helps color blind people differentiate between certain colors. If cheap technology hits the market, it will provide colorblind people daily relief.

Medicinal Uses

For people who suffer from glaucoma, eye drops are currently the most effective option. The drops have to be used multiple times a day. If a patient forgets, they can suffer dry eye and/or pain.

A new type of contact could periodically release medicine, removing the need for eye drops altogether. Scientists at Harvard have created dual-layered contact lenses that slowly release medicine into the eye. Furthermore, researchers at Washington State University have created 3D printed contact lenses that gradually deliver drugs. They use microneedles that cause minimal damage and discomfort.

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