Eyelashes and eyebrows have become the center of attention for beauty gurus around the world. While perfectly trimmed eyebrows may look good, eyebrows are so much more than an aesthetic feature. Eyelashes and eyebrows keep our eyes safe from harmful dirt and debris.

Protection From Sweat

The main biological purpose of eyebrows is to keep sweat away from our eyes. On hot sunny days or during an intense workout we tend to sweat a lot. The forehead is notorious for being a moisture hotspot. Without eyebrows, those sweat bullets will pour down right into our eyes.

The arching shape and direction of individual hairs are what keep our eyes safe from excess moisture. Therefore, when plucking your eyebrows you should be careful not to groom them too thin.

Keep Debris Away

Your eyebrows aren’t the only hairs hard at work. Eyelashes act as a second barrier to keep moisture out of our eyes.

Aside from sweat, eyelashes also keep dirt and debris away from your eyeball. Dirt can scratch your cornea, causing painful damage. To prevent that, you should take proper care of your eyelashes.

Surprisingly, eyelashes are highly sensitive to touch. Similar to cat whiskers, your eyelashes can sense danger before it even reaches your eye. If you’ve ever been in a windstorm or near a lot of sand, you probably notice you blink more frequently. This is your body naturally protecting your eyes.

Express Yourself

While the main biological function of eyebrows is to prevent moisture from reaching your eye, that is not their only purpose. When we talk, we use our whole face. Our eyebrows are a large part of the equation.

When your eyebrows are arched high, that typically means you are surprised. Similarly, when they are furrowed, you show a look of concern. When one eyebrow is arched up while the other sits low, you can look puzzled; and when your eyebrows arch low, you can look sympathetic.

Without eyebrows, these feelings could not be properly expressed without words. Expression is an important part of everyday life.

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