Common advice for those with allergies is to skip the contact lenses and opt instead for traditional prescription glasses. The allergens that make your eyes flare up can find their way onto the surface of your contact lenses, essentially gluing the source of your symptoms right to the surface of your eye. And of course rubbing at itchy eyes while you’re wearing contact lenses is a disaster.

Switch to daily lenses

There are a variety of contact lenses out there to choose from. One of the newer options is 1-day contact lenses. These are the ideal lenses for those with allergies. Single-use contact lenses ensure that every morning you’re putting in completely clean lenses. Even with cleaning, allergens may still cling to reusable contact lenses, aggravating allergic reactions.

If you cannot switch to single-use contact lenses, then be sure you clean your contact lenses to the best of your ability.

Keep your eyes cool

The occasional cool compress can go a long way. When your eyes are feeling uncomfortable and itchy, try not to rub them. Doing so will only spread the allergens around our eye, making everything worse. Instead, place a cool compress or cloth over your eye or the area below it. Slightly chilling your eye drops before use can be helpful, as well.

Use the right eye drops

Contact lens rewetting drops or artificial tears are the perfect way to keep your eyes hydrated. Most people suffer from at least mild dry eye, and if you have allergies, the effects of dry eye will be ten times worse. The extra moisture will also help keep allergens from sticking to the surface of your contact lenses and irritating your eyes.

Don’t overuse eye drops meant to relieve redness. If used persistently, these eye drops can actually make your allergy symptoms worse.

Throw on some shades

If you venture outside during the height of allergy season, wearing glasses can help block the brunt of the allergens from floating into your eyes. If you’re wearing contacts then you won’t need your regular prescription eyeglasses, so pull out a pair of sunglasses instead. And for the days when you skip the contact lenses entirely, you can consider a trendy pair of prescription sunglasses that will both protect your eyes and help you see. Buying glasses online is an option for anyone with a current prescription. Remember offers 100 percent UV-resistant sunglasses to keep your eyes safe even on less sunny days.