Contact lenses are great, but we don’t always have time for them. Some of us prefer to stick to our prescription glasses, but doing so can mean some extra considerations for an overall coordinated look.

You may be dreading the combination of eyeglasses and makeup, thinking that it’s one or the other. Yet as long as you are careful not to irritate your eyes, there’s no reason not to go all out with your favorite makeup styles! If you’re worried about how your makeup might clash with your frames, then check out these styling tips.

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Focus on the base of your lashes

We all love mascara, but there’s no doubt it makes your eyelashes heavier, and can even weigh them down to the point where they knock against your eyeglasses. So focus your mascara attentions on the roots and apply only a thin coat to the rest of your lashes. You can move the wand horizontally to achieve this effect. Just be sure you’re using a creamy, waterproof formula so you won’t get any crusty makeup crumbs in your eye.

Curl your eyelashes

Thinking along the same vein, an eyelash curler is another great way to keep your lashes from bonking into your lenses. And while they may look like medieval torture devices, they’re really quite nifty. Just make sure to curl your lashes before you apply mascara, or you could break your lashes off. Curling your eyelashes up not only saves you the discomfort of scraping against your lenses with every blink, but it also means you don’t have to clean your glasses every half an hour.

Consider the color of your frames

Many people opt for black-framed glasses. Doing so gives you unlimited possibilities, color-wise, because everything goes with black. But if your frames are a different color, keep that in mind when choosing shades of eyeliner. Greys and bronzes go well with many colors. If your frames have a pattern to them, take that into account, too!

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You may need more concealer

Depending on your complexion, you may have to be more conscientious with concealer and eye cream when you wear glasses. This is because all glasses, no matter the shape, are going to cast a slight shadow on your face that will accentuate wrinkles or other imperfections in your skin’s smoothness. Head off these unflattering shadows with some well-placed concealer, and be sure to finish up with a pressed powder.

If you’re worried about getting unsightly residue on your glasses from where they rest on the bridge of your nose, be sure to utilize a high-quality powder and an oil-absorbing foundation.

Let your lips balance it out

If you have bold, blocky frames, then adding some volume to your lips can help keep your face fashionably balanced. In short, if your frames are bold, let your lips be bold, as well. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to bust out that bright red or hot pink lipstick, look no further than “glasses day.”

Another great balancing tip is to match the intensity of your frames to your eyeliner. The thicker the frame, the more eyeliner you can get away with. Keep your liner close to your lashes line, but feel free to get creative with the shape and angle of the flick. When wearing glasses, it’s a great time to try out that double-winged line design you’ve been eyeing!

Brighten your lids

Wearing glasses can dim your overall look. When you’re wearing them, you want your makeup to give you a wide, open look. Dark lid colors can have the negative side effect of accentuating dark spots around the eyes and making you look more tired than you are. Combine that with the slight magnification your face may get from some glasses and you probably won’t like the results. So opt for light, neutral colors on your eyelids.

Don’t forget your eyebrows

It may seem like your brows are the least important part when you wear glasses, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! You need your eyebrows to properly frame your glasses and give balance to your face. So give your brows a good shape, knowing that your glasses will likely rest just below them.

Be sure to extend your brows a bit if they’re small. You want them to be comparable in length to your lenses.

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Mix up your glasses

Most importantly, treat yourself to a few different pairs of glasses to maximize your makeup options. You can get cheap glasses online from to complete your wardrobe!