Anything important is worth stocking up on, especially fragile items that you use frequently. And while your glasses might be fairly sturdy, you are likely using them a lot. Glasses get pulled out daily. They get dragged around town, thrown onto tables, stashed in handbags and left on the counter. If you travel frequently, you’ve probably seen more than your fair share of prescription glasses vanish into thin air.

It’s probably occurred to every glasses-wearer at least once to have an extra pair lying around, yet many people procrastinate this helpful life hack. If you’re on the fence about it, here are some reasons why having a pair of backup glasses makes it onto nearly every list of tips for glasses-wearers.

Glasses get lost

Humans are far from perfect creatures. Glasses get lost, stolen, broken, damaged or just plain forgotten. Having a spare pair means you can snag those and be on your way to work on time rather than agonizing over how late you want to let it get before you give up the search and go into the office half-blind.

Stashing an extra pair of glasses in areas where you are likely to need them is a great tip. Keep a pair in your suitcase or in your car so you’re always ready for travel. Many people keep a second pair of glasses at their workplace or a relative’s house. For people who need reading glasses, an extra set next to your favorite reading chair or in the kitchen can come in handy.

Backup glasses make your home safer

For those who wear glasses just to perfect their vision, backup lenses may not be that essential. Yet there are many people whose vision is impaired to the point where it affects their safety. Low vision homes should be stocked with several backup pairs of glasses in necessary areas to prevent accidental injuries or stress. These areas include the kitchen, workshops, bathrooms and any area of the home that might be tricky to navigate with low vision.

If you are legally required to wear corrective lenses while you drive, then an extra pair of glasses in your vehicle is a must to avoid traffic accidents or potential citations. Just be aware that extreme heat or cold can damage your frames or any coating on your lenses. If you store extra glasses in your car, you may want to remove them during extreme weather or keep them enclosed in a protective case.

Backup glasses for contact lens-wearers

Many people wear contact lenses specifically because they don’t like glasses. But even the most devoted contact lens enthusiast still benefits from a spare pair of glasses. There’s nothing less fun than getting caught without a pair of prescription glasses every time you:

  • Run out of contacts
  • Run out of contact cleaning solution
  • Lose your contacts in a public place
  • Get an eye injury or infection

So even if you shirked your frames in favor of some trendy contacts, remember to keep a pair or two of backup glasses floating around your home. You may find yourself using them more frequently than you think.

Don’t throw out your old prescriptions

It can be tempting to toss out older or slightly damaged glasses in excitement over that shiny new pair you just bought. But old glasses can be really useful and will definitely save you money. Rather than doling out the cash for multiple pairs of brand new glasses, just hold onto your older pairs whenever you upgrade. Usually, backup glasses don’t need to be perfect, they just need to get the job done.

Backup glasses don’t have to be boring

Glasses technology is getting more advanced every year. With the advent of progressive lenses and UV-resistant materials, it’s never been a better time to wear glasses. When you’re shopping around for an extra pair of glasses, feel free to experiment a bit. Try out a new style or type. Prescription sunglasses can make great backup lenses. Stash them in your car or travel bag for those times you’re caught short out in the sun.

Backup glasses don’t have to be expensive

Not all backup glasses are for emergencies. Sometimes you just want to have more than one set of frames either for convenience or just to make sure you have the right pair for every occasion.

Prescription glasses can get pricey. If you’re not likely to be upgrading your glasses anytime soon, you can still get a good pair of backup lenses for a great price. Cheap online glasses from can help you stock up on custom frames without breaking the bank. Each pair is custom-made to fit your current prescription and our lenses are 100 percent UV-resistant, so you can be safe as well as stylish.

So instead of buying one or two pairs of backup glasses from a retail store, get your lenses online, where you’ll have enough selection and cheap enough prices to buy as many pairs as you like!