Contact lenses have long been an appreciated alternative to traditional prescription eyeglasses. They are preferred by many for their aesthetic appeal and several advantages over glasses. They are better for sports and outdoor activities, for one thing. And anyone who enjoys 3D movies will tell you contact lenses are the best choice.

But contacts aren’t perfect. Plenty of people still prefer glasses and there are some downsides to contact lenses. The ability to dry out your eyes and the risk of eye infection are two of them. Contact lens discomfort is by far the most common reason why people give up on contacts altogether.

Causes of contact lens discomfort

Contact lens discomfort is usually the result of irritation. A dry, itching or burning sensation accompanied by redness and excess tears usually signals irritation. The following are common reasons why your contact lenses may be causing you pain:

  • Allergens

Even people who don’t suffer from allergies may still be irritated by allergens. Soft contact lenses are somewhat permeable, which means that all manner of dust, pollen or other allergens can sneak in underneath the lenses. When these particles become trapped between the lens and your eye, they can cause discomfort or pain.

It is also possible to be allergic to contact lens solution. If the discomfort persists even with new contacts, this may be a possibility.

  • Improper fit

Normally you shouldn’t feel your contacts while you’re wearing them. However, if your contacts have been improperly fitted, they will be uncomfortable to wear. Ill-fitting contact lenses may be the result of a mistake in the optometrist’s office, or you may have an underlying issue that has caused your cornea to swell.

  • Torn lens

Large tears in your lenses will be noticeable right away and cause almost unbearable discomfort. Small bits of damage to the lens may be less obvious and result in minor irritation. Inspect your lenses carefully if you notice discomfort, or discard them entirely. Remember, contact lenses are designed for limited use, so don’t try to make them last forever.

  • Dry eyes

Contact lenses can exacerbate dry eyes, especially if you wear them too long. Invest in some rewetting drop as well as some regular eye drops to keep your eyes hydrated.

Discomfort can also be caused by an infection. Bacteria can easily make the transfer from your hands to your contact lenses and then to your eyes. Be sure to follow cleaning and care instructions for your lenses. Switching to single-use lenses is highly recommended as they significantly lessen the odds of a bacterial infection.

Relieving eye irritation from contacts

To relieve the pain, first, you need to determine what is causing it. In the case of an eye infection, your doctor will start you on an antibiotic treatment regimen. For problems with allergens or damage to the lenses, you will need to replace your contacts. Keep them clean and always inspect them closely before putting them into your eyes. If you’re ever unsure, always err on the side of caution and throw them out in favor of a new pair.

And don’t let yourself be torn between discomfort or blurry vision. Always keep extra contacts with you on trips and don’t let your stock at home run too low. 39DollarGlasses can help you keep your supply full without having to go to the optometrist’s office.

You may also find relief from wearing contacts less frequently. Many people designate a few days each month as their “glasses days” where they skip the contacts and put on some old fashioned eyeglasses instead. If you have seasonal allergies, you may feel better if you don’t wear contacts during allergy season.

If irritation persists, contact your eye doctor. Most discomfort is minor, but there is always the chance of something serious. Keep up with yearly eye appointments to monitor your vision and eye health and to stay on top of potential health issues.

Contact brands matter

If you suffer from contact lens discomfort, don’t give up on your lenses without trying a few different types. Single-use contact lenses can help you avoid most of the common problems like infections and discomfort from tears and other damage. And extra moist contact lenses can help keep your eyes from becoming dry and uncomfortable while you wear them.

And just like your prescription glasses, you can order contact lenses online. 39DollarGlasses has a wide selection of contact lens options to choose from. Save time and money by ordering your contacts online. All you need is an accurate prescription. If you’re not sure how to read your prescription, check out this helpful guide.