The white section of your eye is called the sclera. It helps your eyes keep their structure and also protects them from damage. Aesthetically, the whites of your eyes make your irises pop. That pure white next to the color of your eyes can really make your eyes shine. Having whiter eyes can be especially important to those who wear prescription eyeglasses and worry that the glasses detract from their eyes’ natural sparkle. 

Unfortunately, the wear and tear of our stressful lives can leave us with dull, red, or otherwise unappealing sclera. If you’re looking to bring that attractive brightness back out, you can do so safely with the following methods.

Deal with any underlying issues

Trying to make your eyes sparkle without addressing the underlying cause is like trying to keep a dam hole plugged with your finger. It’s a temporary bandage on the problem and a better approach is to solve the problem at hand.

  • Allergies

Allergies can leave your eyes red and irritated. Your first course of action should be to make sure your allergy medicine is working properly.

  • Dry air

Dry air can also leave your eyes looking dull and dehydrated. Keep your eyes sharp with over-the-counter eye drops. You can also get a humidifier for your home or office to help keep your eyes healthy.

  • Injury or infection

If your eyes have lost their shine due to an injury or infection, make sure you are receiving proper medical treatment. Never let an eye injury or infection go untreated.

  • Underlying disease

Problems like cataracts can leave your eyes looking dull. Schedule an appointment with your eye doctor to get a comprehensive eye exam. If there’s anything going on with your eyes, they’ll be able to help you properly treat it.

Block out the sun

Too much sun exposure can steal the sparkle from your eyes. In fact, your eyes can even get sunburned. If you want to improve the whites of your eyes, purchase some 100 percent UV-resistant sunglasses and wear them as often as you can.

Giving your eyes a rest from the sun can help them improve in a lot of ways. If you order your sunglasses from, you can get them fitted to match your current prescription so you can enjoy clear vision while you protect your eyes.

The cucumber trick

There’s a reason spas put cucumbers on your eyes. The juice from cucumbers contains powerful antioxidants and vitamin C, both of which can lessen puffiness and redness. If you don’t want to fuss around with cutting up and wasting a perfectly good cucumber, you can get much of the same effect by gently applying a vitamin C moisturizer to the skin around your eyes. Just be careful not to get any in your eyes or they may become irritated. Rosewater is another good option.

Adopt an eye-healthy diet

For a gradual increase in your eyes’ brightness, consider making some simple changes to your diet. The healthier your eyes are, the whiter they’ll shine.

  • Increase hydration

This includes adding more water-heavy vegetables to your diet and cutting out (or limiting) caffeine. If you’re a tea fanatic, try switching to green tea or another decaffeinated option. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, which makes it a double bonus for eye health.

  • Increase antioxidants

Blueberries, green tea, anything with antioxidants will be healthy for your eyes.

  • Decrease fats

You need some healthy fats in your diet, but try to cut back on fried, fatty foods and highly processed foods.

  • Decrease sugars

Sugar is the leading cause of obesity, especially sugar from sweetened drinks. Maintaining a healthy weight is vital for eye health.

  • Get plenty of vitamin A and C

Your eyes thrive on vitamins A and C. These vitamins work well together so try to eat them at the same time, or at least on the same day. Carrots are conveniently high in both vitamin A and vitamin C.


For immediate effects, you can also experiment with different makeup options. Colors like blue tend to counteract yellows, whites, and greys. So if your eyes are looking drab, dull or discolored, a soft blue eyeliner may be all you need. Another good trick is some shimmery white eyeshadow. This is particularly effective in the evenings under low lighting.

Choose the right glasses

You want to wear eyeglasses that compliment your face shape and eye color. Changing your frames may be all it takes to really make your eyes pop. At, you can choose from a wide variety of custom lens and frame combinations as well as different contact lens types, all for a fraction of what you’d pay at the doctor’s office.